Why You Need to Winterize Your In-Ground Pool

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The coldest time of year is just about here, and if you have not already winterized your pool, you’d better do so in a hurry. Taking the proper steps to shut down your pool for the year is a crucial part of pool ownership.

Here’s some information from our pool contractors in New Orleans, LA about why this is so important.

The pool could fall apart

In-ground pools are covered by liners that hold the water in and serve the main purpose of preventing the foundation of the pool from wearing down. Cracks that form in the surface of the pool liner could be quite detrimental to the pool as a whole. By closing your pool for the season, you can inspect the liner and find any potential damage that could have occurred during pool usage in the summer so you can address those issues as quickly as possible.

In addition, you prevent issues that could arise by the pool water freezing and expanding, thus potentially cracking or otherwise damaging the liner. The frozen water can either rip open brand-new tears in the liner or expand ones that already existed. This can cost a whole lot of money to fix and, if you don’t notice the issue until the spring, it could result in your pool being shut down for an extended period of time, which means you won’t get the enjoyment out of it you otherwise would during the summertime.

You’ll save on your electric bills

By closing down your pool for the season, you flush out the lines and pumps as well, which ensures you do not leave any water in the system that could freeze and possibly cause damage to those components. If you keep your pool open for the winter, you’ll have to frequently run the pumps to prevent the pool from freezing and causing structural damage. You can expect this to add up quickly—that’s probably almost six extra months of electricity your pool is using that it otherwise wouldn’t be if you just shut it down for the season. Plus, if you lose electricity due to a bad winter storm, you run the risk of everything freezing up anyway, which could cause significant damage to the pool and the plumbing.

You’ll keep it clean

Not winterizing your pool will create a higher risk of an algae infestation, because it’s always possible that your chlorine system will stop working and you won’t be checking it as regularly as you would be during the summer. This will not only lead to an ugly-looking pool, but could also make it very expensive to clean.

These are just a few of the biggest reasons why it’s important for you to prioritize winterizing your pool every year if you don’t plan on using it regularly during the winter months. For more information about the steps involved in the winterization process, reach out to your trusted team of pool contractors in New Orleans, LA at Tropical Pool Services & Renovations, LLC.

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