How to Make the Most of a Very Small Backyard When You Want a Pool

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Backyard pools are fantastic for fun, relaxation, health and wellbeing. But what happens when your home (or the property you’re interested in buying) has the smallest backyard space you’ve ever seen? You call a pool designer to save the day, because swimming pools in small backyards can and do work—just ask experienced pool builders in New Orleans, LA! Here’s how to make the most out of a very small backyard when you want to install a pool.

Cozy spaces

An in-ground pool could be just what the doctor ordered, but what if you don’t have room for one? If your backyard is small, there are ways to transform it into an intimate space—including with a small in-ground swimming pool. A cozy space can actually be more relaxing than a larger area or pool, and small pools today can hold more than a few people very comfortably. Look at your space. You probably have room for a small pool in a corner of your yard or tucked up next to your patio.

Next, blend the pool into your space with beautiful landscaping features and additional decor. This could be a mix of flowers, shrubs, giant umbrellas, a sun deck and rock fountains. When it comes to fountains, save even more space by making one a part of your pool.

Health and exercise

If you want to install a pool for your health, but have a small backyard, you’re in luck! There is a way to train and exercise in the convenience of your own pool. While many small pools are built for lounging, there are plenty of options that appeal to athletes and health nuts—a long, thin lap pool. This type of pool works well in backyards of a similar shape and are perfect for freestyle swimming and lapping.

For yards that can only spare a small square, talk to a local pool expert about hydraulic current generators. These systems allow you to stretch your muscles and get laps in without having to swim far, so to speak.

Don’t forget luxury features

Less space plus a smaller pool equals luxury features. What we mean is that, after designing a smaller pool for a tiny backyard, you might notice you have funds for additional pool or yard features. For the most part, smaller pools cost less, which leaves money for luxury items—turn your tiny space into a private oasis or an intimate party pad!

Some ideas for your patio include an outdoor swinging bed, quality patio furniture set, compact grilling corner and gas fire pits. As for the pool itself, the money you save on installing a smaller pool could go toward a deck that connects to your pool, leading to stone steps going down into the water. It’s artistic and functional. Also, choose to use beautiful tile, stone or rock in any areas you see fit for added luxury.

Talk to the professional pool builders in Metairie, LA at Tropical Pool Services & Renovations, LLC today for small pool ideas. We are here to help!

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