Buying a Home? Use Reputable Pool Contractors in New Orleans, LA for Inspections

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So, there’s a house for sale, you love it and it has a pool. Many homebuyers wonder whether they should have a swimming pool inspection. Just like getting a home inspection on a property you’re interested in, it behooves homebuyers to also invest in thorough pool inspections. Good for both home sellers and homebuyers, these types of inspections are intended to identify any problems with the property prior to closing. Read on to learn why it’s important to use reputable pool contractors in New Orleans, LA for inspections:

  • They are the professionals: Don’t get so excited about buying a new home that you overlook important matters. For instance, if you are not a swimming pool expert, then you need to hire a pool company to conduct a pool inspection. Do your research so you know you’re hiring the best, and be sure you hire a contractor who has years of inspection experience with a variety of pool types.
  • Home inspectors are not pool inspectors: A home inspector is knowledgeable in most aspects of residential homes, but they may not be so on pools. In most cases, a traditional home inspection does not even cover swimming pools. An inspector may not have the expertise to evaluate a pool thoroughly, in which case you cannot rely on a home inspection to discover problems with a pool. As a homebuyer, either hire a home inspector who is also certified to evaluate pools, or hire both a home inspector and a pool inspector.
  • There’s a lot of pool equipment: It takes a number of components and elements for a pool to operate correctly. The pool must be free of leaks and cracks, and the heaters, filters, pumps, deck, pavers, concrete, cover, fence and lighting need to be inspected.
  • You’ll get a detailed report: You must hire a reputable pool company for a pool inspection to get a detailed inspection report in hand. In this report will be the inspector’s notes, concerns, any problems they found during the inspection and recommended repairs. Don’t ignore these problems, because fixing them brings the pool structure or equipment back up to code. Buyers can use this report to negotiate the price.
  • Deal with negotiations before closing: As mentioned, potential homebuyers can use this detailed pool inspection report for negotiation purposes, but you must negotiate any pool issues before closing on the home. Buying a home with a swimming pool means you are purchasing it as is. Like other parts of a home, if the pool needs repairs, ask that the purchase price be adjusted accordingly, or get the seller to agree to fix any problem.

A backyard swimming pool can be a great addition to your home and a place to create lasting memories. To keep your dreams from becoming a nightmare, hire professional pool contractors in Slidell, LA. They will perform swimming pool inspections during the home buying process, as well as routine maintenance afterwards. Call the experts at Tropical Pool Services & Renovations, LLC today for inspections, maintenance and repairs!

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