Things That Can Affect Your Pool’s Water Chemistry

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If you have a swimming pool or hot tub, chances are that you invest quite a bit of time, energy and money into trying to keep your water chemically balanced. Pool treatment products and chemicals are designed to keep your pool water safe and balanced for swimming, but achieving the proper chemical levels in your pool can be a challenge. There are a variety of things that can influence the chemistry of your pool water, regardless of how consistent you are with treatment and maintenance. Read on to find out more about the different things that can influence your water chemistry and what you and your pool contractors in New Orleans, LA can do to keep your water as clean and balanced as possible:

  • Sunshine: You might love swimming in the sunshine, but your pool may actually be affected by exposure to UV rays. Over time, chlorine in some pools is converted back into salt, and UV exposure can speed up this process. In addition, sunlight causes water evaporation, which may impact the effectiveness of the chemicals in your pool. Using a chlorine stabilizer in your pool can help reduce the harmful effects of sunlight on your water chemistry.
  • Heat: Chlorine in pools is supposed to curb bacteria growth, but elevated levels of heat make it much easier for harmful bacteria to flourish. If your pool is too warm, bacteria will rapidly break down the chlorine in your pool, which may lead to unwanted scaling. Make sure to follow manufacturer recommendations for pool and spa temperatures to prevent excessive bacteria growth.
  • People and pets: The people and pets that come into contact with your pool all carry various chemical components that can affect the balance of your water. The cleaners, hair care products, deodorants, fragrances, soaps and sunblock that people use can come off when they swim and throw off the chemical balance of the water. Make sure that everyone who gets into the pool rinses off in the shower beforehand to prevent too much impact on your water chemistry.
  • Water circulation: Fungi and bacteria tend to grow in water that doesn’t move. Circulating water through your pool is essential if you want to prevent bacteria and algae growth. You should keep your pool water circulating during the day for at least 10 hours to prevent the growth of unwanted organisms.
  • Precipitation: When it rains, that fresh water gets into your pool and impacts your water chemistry. Since rainwater is naturally acidic, it will lower the pH level in your pool, which may cause your water to become corrosive. After it rains, you should test your water to determine if treatment is necessary to regulate the pH level.

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