Hire Pool Contractors in Mandeville, LA to Inspect Before You Buy

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If your dream house also happens to have a swimming pool, do not leave that up to the home inspector. A home inspection does not usually cover the pool, and even if it does, the likelihood of your inspector having the needed expertise is low. Ask pool contractors in Mandeville, LA to perform this part of the inspection before you close that deal. Here is why you are better off going that route:

  • No equipment missed: Filtration, temperature control and pumps are complex equipment that require expert handling. Even if these items appear to be functioning, there is also a chance they have not been maintained properly and are on the brink of failure. Besides inspecting the equipment, a pool contractor also knows how to test it to assure it works. If you know ahead of time if a major component needs replacement, you can weigh whether the house is worth that extra expense. Unlike a roof or black mold problem, pool issues are often not something you can require a seller to fix before you agree to buy.
  • Check for leaks: A regular home inspection will not reveal leaks in the pool plumbing. They likely have no idea how to check the pipes. That is often performed by pool contractors through a pressure test. We use that method because it is the most effective way to find leaks and repair them. Since leaks can raise your water bill and demand repairs before you have a chance to enjoy the new pool, discovering them before you buy helps with decision making. Also, pool plumbing drains must be properly equipped to comply with state and local regulations. We can check that so you avoid a big fine later.
  • Better enjoyment: While an inspection may not find all problems, it will reveal most of them. You do not want to buy a house with a pool only to discover that the pool is so far gone you might as well dig it out of the ground. When you acquire a pool, you want to enjoy it—not make it your first major expensive project. Checking it out before you buy helps assure your pool will be a source of memories and recreation, not endless headaches.
  • Secure fences: Enclosing pools is required in some communities, and often by your insurance company. As pool contractors, we know fences are as vital as plumbing or pool heaters. A home inspector may not consider this, or you may continue with the purchase blissfully unaware that you harbor an attractive nuisance. We can check your fences and advise you as to their safety.
  • Remodel or repair estimates: You may already know the pool is problematic, but want to know what you are getting into first. During our inspection, we can make suggested changes and provide an estimate. If we notice your filtration system or heater is not large enough to address your pool, or if you could get by with smaller, more energy-efficient equipment, we will mention that to you. Your inspection not only alerts you to problems, but can also tell you how to solve them and the cost of those services.

The team at Tropical Pool Services & Renovations, LLC are experienced pool contractors in Mandeville, LA who can inspect pools before you make a purchase decision. Call us today to learn more details.

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