Don’t Wait for Summer to Start Your Pool Renovations in Mandeville, LA

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In February, probably the last thing you’re thinking about is your pool. You’re probably much more concerned about curling up under your favorite blanket with a hot beverage and binge watching your favorite Netflix series. But if you’ve been considering renovating your pool or if your pool needs some repairs or maintenance, now is actually the perfect time to get started—and here’s why:

  • You won’t have to be put on a waiting list: In the summer, it seems like everyone wants their pool renovated or repaired, and they want it done now. Any quality pool contractor in the area will typically be booked until the end of the summer once May or June comes around. To avoid having to wait for possibly weeks to even get an appointment, call to schedule your renovation now.
  • The work will be done faster: In the summer, most pool contractors have to juggle multiple projects at once, which usually means that each individual project may take longer than anticipated. If you schedule your pool renovations early on, chances are you will be one of a few instead of one of many looking to have work done over the next few weeks, which means that your pool can be made a top priority.
  • You might save some money: If your renovation will require working with subcontractors, scheduling early may save you some money. Some subcontractors for stones, landscaping and other services offer discounted prices during the offseason, and those savings can be passed along to you.
  • Be ready to go before swim season starts: One of the greatest benefits of planning your pool renovations in Mandeville, LA in the winter is that everything can be completed before summer starts. Once the warmer weather is here, you won’t have to wait to use your pool. You can just jump right in!
  • You can get a head start on your landscaping: Some pool renovations require some excavation, which can affect your existing landscaping. If you plan your renovation in the winter months prior to planting season, you won’t have to worry about harm being done to your plants and flowers, or having to hold off on starting your landscaping plans.
  • Winter temps are best for plaster jobs: If you’re looking to re-plaster your pool, now is the perfect time. Cooler temperatures and the dryer winter air are ideal for re-plastering because they allow the plaster to set properly. You also won’t have to worry about rainstorms causing issues.

If you’ve been planning pool renovations in Mandeville, LA for your 2017, now is actually the best time to get started. By planning your renovation for the winter months, you can ensure that your renovation is complete by the time swim season starts. Just imagine having a newly renovated pool ready to dive into this summer! If you’re ready to schedule your pool renovationm give Tropical Pool Services & Renovations, LLC a call today to inquire about quotes and learn more about our services!

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