What You Should to Know About Pool Heaters and Their Efficiency: Tips from Swimming Pool Builders in Mandeville, LA

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One thing people love to do when the weather is nice is hop into a pool. For pool owners, this is a fun, free activity that doesn’t require much effort, which is why so many enjoy having a relaxing day, sitting poolside and sipping on cold drinks. But the reason they are able to enjoy their pool so much isn’t just because of the weather, but because of their pool heater.

If you are considering hiring swimming pool builders in Mandeville, LA to help with your pool, you should make sure you know the important facts about pool heaters and their efficiency.

What do pool heaters do?

A pool heater is a system used to heat the water in your pool. There are actually four different types of pool heaters you can install, including electric, solar, gas and electric element. Pool owners have the option to use any type of pool heater, but they should take their geographical location, budget and needs into consideration.

During the warmer months, when the sun is able to keep your pool warm, people don’t find a need for their heater. It is at night, after the temperature has dropped, that they find it is most useful. Pool heaters also allow people to continue to enjoy their pool when summer has gone and it’s not as warm outside.

How does your pool heater’s efficiency affect you?

The point of having a pool heater is that you don’t have to deal with the water being freezing cold whenever you want to go for a swim. Your pool heater’s efficiency is important because it can affect your pool’s heat and how comfortable the water feels. When you purchase a new heater, it will usually run at about 84 percent efficiency, losing one percent every year. This is actually an improvement on the efficiency of pool heaters of the past when they were purchased new.

In many cases, pool heaters will last about seven to 10 years. Should you choose to keep your pool heater longer than its lifespan, you will notice that it won’t be running as efficiently as it once did. Just like when your furnace isn’t running efficiently, your pool heater will run up your energy bill and cost you a lot of money. This is why, after 10 years have passed, many people will opt for a new heater.

When the weather is nice, it can be really enjoyable to dive into a warm pool and swim some laps. Not everyone likes to swim in ice-cold water, so pool heaters are the perfect solution if your pool’s water tends to be too chilly. Just remember that you need one that is efficient, otherwise the water won’t be that warm, your energy bill will be higher and a lot of money will be wasted.

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