Ask Expert Swimming Pool Contractors in Mandeville, LA for Electrical Safety Advice

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Sure, accidents do happen. But there are types of accidents that only leave bruises or broken bones, and then there are accidents that are life threatening—such as the combination of pool water and electricity. With this in mind, whether you own a backyard pool or frequent someone else’s, you should always keep an eye open and ensure that pool visitors are adhering to precautions. For safety’s sake, let’s ask expert swimming pool contractors in Mandeville, LA for some electrical safety advice:

  • Upgrade your pool lighting: Not only is there lighting around the outside of your swimming pool, but there are lights inside your pool, too. These help pool users to see when the sun goes down, while also adding to the ambience of your outdoor living space. However, older pools with older in-water lighting pose a greater risk of electrical accidents and can malfunction due to age. Upgrade to new lighting that’s made with modern safety standards in mind.
  • Don’t DIY electrical devices: If you notice a problem with one of your pool lights or another electrical device, you might want to think twice before trying to fix it yourself—especially if the electrical component is located in the water. Let a licensed professional take the lead on this repair.
  • Don’t ignore equipment issues: Sometimes the signs of electrical equipment failure are not apparent, yet many times, they are. For example, watch for flickering, erratic pool lights and listen hard should you hear any sounds resembling a sizzle or short pops. Shut the swimming pool down immediately, get everyone inside and call your pool contractor for help.
  • Keep electrical cords and devices away: Damaged submerged pool lights are not the only dangers to swimmers. Extension cords and electrical devices located near pool edges —like radios, portable fans, space heaters and extra plug-in lighting—have the potential to end up in the water, and are also tripping hazards. As a rule of thumb, always keep cords and devices at least five feet away from the pool.
  • Watch people and pets around the pool: Remaining vigilant during pool use is especially necessary when kids and pets are playing, or if you’re throwing a party that involves alcohol. In short, whenever someone’s judgment is in question—like when adults are intoxicated or children are acting in a curious manner, there must be a clear minded adult nearby to supervise.
  • Schedule regular pool inspections: Maintenance and repairs are just a part of owning a pool. If you never clean it, inspect it or use it, then your pool will become a dilapidated eyesore, as well as a danger to people and animals. To keep your pool up to date and in tip-top shape year-round, find highly rated swimming pool contractors in Mandeville, LA to perform regular pool equipment inspections.

It’s important that you check all of your swimming pool’s electrical components and equipment to avoid accidents that could lead to injury or death. Never leave safety to chance—call the professional swimming pool contractors in Mandeville, LA at Tropical Pool Services & Renovations, LLC to schedule a thorough pool inspection or for regular maintenance services. Contact us today!

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