Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space with a New Patio Design in Mandeville, LA and Other Features

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Although the weather is cold and the sun mostly hidden behind gray clouds, that doesn’t mean you can’t still spend time outside. Let’s say you own an in-ground backyard swimming pool that’s not heated, but its lighting and the rippling water provides a tranquil environment for wintertime hangouts. But is your patio area set up as a spot where everyone wants to be? If not, or if you would like to build on what you already have, then the time is now to make changes.

Here are a few ways to upgrade your outdoor living space this winter with a new patio design in Mandeville, LA and so much more.

Add fire pits

Although a fire pit is a fantastic outdoor accessory for year-round use, it’s really the perfect thing for all your wintertime gatherings. Choose between gas powered and wood burning fire pits. Depending on where you want to put it, one may be a better choice over the other. For example, if you plan on using a fire pit on a section of patio that is close to your house, a gas one may be wise to keep smoke and the burned wood smell from getting inside your home. Meanwhile, a fire pit set up further back on your property can create as much smoke as it wants to, so a wood fire pit is fine.

Add a spa

You have the pool, but what about a spa? Winter is cold, which means you won’t be using your swimming pool, especially if it’s not heated, but a spa is something you can take a comfortable dip in. From in-ground spas that connect to your pool to patio spa installations, pick a size and style that works best for your needs.

Add to your patio

If you do a lot of entertaining at your home, you might want to seriously consider updating your patio design in Mandeville, LA to accommodate all your new outdoor living additions, as well as your party guests. The project could be removing an old concrete patio foundation and replacing it with a lovely tile. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to extend the patio walk to connect with your pool deck. You can do that, too!

Add an outdoor kitchen

Sure, you can cook outside when it’s not summer. In fact, adding an outdoor kitchen to your covered patio allows you to cook, grill, bake and even eat outside during the cooler winter months. Just make sure you work with your outdoor kitchen contractor to ensure adequate ventilation out from under a covered patio, such as through a built-in ventilation system, or build a retractable patio cover.

If you initially thought that the winter months might not be a good time for working on outdoor living space additions, what do you think now? Also, consider the fact that most homeowners are likely to plan outdoor space upgrades during the warmer months. This means that, in winter, you might find items, materials and construction services available at lower costs.

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