Selecting the Right Lighting to Enhance Pool Designs in Mandeville, LA

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The right lighting selection can take your pool to the next level. Depending on what you need from your lighting system, there will be some options that fit your situation better than others. If you want to upgrade pool designs in Mandeville, LA, this lighting guide will help you understand the different options to determine the best match.

LED bulbs

LED light bulbs have been at the forefront of the pool lighting industry in recent years because of their flexibility and cost-effectiveness. With several different settings, LED bulbs have the ability to fade in and fade out, put on exciting underwater light shows and change colors to create unique visual effects in your pool. While the cost of installation and replacement of LED bulbs is relatively high, the lifespan of these bulbs (at about 30,000 hours) is far greater than any other option. So while the bulbs may cost more, you will be replacing them so infrequently that they quickly pay for themselves with efficiency. You would have to buy at least five fiber optic or incandescent bulbs to match this type of production.

However, even though the bulb itself practically last forever, the same cannot be said for the other components of the lighting system. Without proper installation, you might find all of the money that you are saving on your energy bills being shifted to the maintenance of the elaborate system.

Fiber optic systems

Fiber optic lighting systems in pools have become a bit outdated, but this type of lighting does still offer benefits. Replacing this bulb is a cheap and easy fix because the bulb is located in an above-ground box that sits outside of the pool. Some of these boxes also contain color wheels, so you can still reflect polychromatic schemes in your pool without having to spend big bucks on an LED light bulb. Fiber optic lights are not very bright, though, and they also have a poor efficiency rating due to the amount of energy that is needed to transmit the light through the cables into the pool.

Incandescent bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs are a more traditional style of lighting that uses technology to transmit an electrical current through the filament to heat up the bulb. If you don’t use your pool that often and don’t need a lot of bells and whistles from your lighting system, the incandescent light bulb is a reliable and affordable match. While these bulbs will shine brightly in your pool, they are the least efficient of all bulb types, with a much shorter lifespan. These types of bulbs are also fragile and more sensitive to water than the other options, which could potentially hamper their effectiveness.

While traditional incandescent lighting has lost its luster over the years, if you are a no-frills type of person who doesn’t use your pool lighting that often, this type of bulb is the most economic choice. On the other hand, the energy efficiency of LED light bulbs is hard to resist, and you could save just as much money, if not more, over the lifespan of the bulb. Analyzing the usage and flexibility you will need from your lighting system will help determine which bulb is best for you. For help with lighting, unique customization and other pool designs in Mandeville, LA, call the certified staff at Tropical Pool Services & Renovations, LLC today.

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